Sierra Club
Founded in 1892, the club is an established organization, so I decided a new logo in a badge layout would convey a sense of history and membership. I rebranded and created a brochure for the non-profit Sierra Club. I chose a Sans Serif font with an organic, youthful, outdoor/ranger feel. Minimalist landscape iconography showcasing what they want to preserve (land, water, energy) creates an approachable identity that’s easy to digest visually.

I tried to keep that modern, organic, vintage, natural aesthetic. They are an organization that focuses on preserving the environment. I wanted to keep their brochure's modern, organic, vintage, and natural aesthetic. Images throughout the booklet are stripped down to emphasize nature’s beauty. Green and cream colors are intended to soothe the reader and convey nostalgia for outdoors/camping. Consistent typeface creates a sense of unity within the brand and organization.